Thanksgiving Decoration

The table is laid out, the carving begins and the family get together for a memorable time. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate good things, why not create some unique decorations using these craft ideas to help spruce up the occasion.

Thanksgiving Thank You Card
Send Thanksgiving cards to show the people in your life how thankful you are for them. Inside of the card write a heartfelt message of thankfulness.

Thanksgiving Frame
Create this inexpensive but exquisite handmade frame to give as a Thanksgiving hostess gift. Purchased an unfinished frame cutout for less than a dollar at your local craft store.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Design and make this easy Thanksgiving table centerpiece to bring as a hostess gift.This super simple table centerpiece is not too large or too high but rather the perfect size and compliment for a holiday table.

Thanksgiving Candlesticks
Show your host and hostess how much you appreciate their hospitality with handmade gifts. Design these easy to make candlesticks and candle holders to give as a gift this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Cider Bottle
A wonderful hostess gift for Thanksgiving is wine, sparkling cider, or sparkling grape juice. Looking for a creative way to wrap the bottle before giving it as a gift?Little girls tights!

Thanksgiving Bookmark
Create a beautiful beaded ribbon “Blessings” bookmark as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving.Bring a book and the ribbon and beaded bookmark to Thanksgiving or any special event, as hostess present.

Primitive Country Turkey
Gather some pinecones from your yard or the park, add some small pompoms and to create these primitive country turkey items. Use to decorate a shelf or mantel.

Fall Pumpkin Votive
A glass votive with a flame less tea light, add some raffia and ribbon to create this fall pumpkin votive. Great for the mantel or the window sill, add a little name tag to use as a placeholder.

Festive Door Wreath
Unused CD discs and some pretty bow ribbon, shine up and make this unusual door wreath. Your teenagers could make one for their bedroom door, snoop dog has a whole new use.

Handprint Turkey
Use your hand as a template to draw a turkey frame, decorate to create this nice decorative turkey. A little fluff and some artwork is all it requires.

Lollipop Turkey Wreath
Here is a great way to display those lollipops, the kid's will enjoy choosing their favorite color from this Turkey Wreath. Let them make one for their friends too.

Orange Place-Setters
With healthy food in mind, here are some orange place-setters to help spruce up the table setting. Each guest will enjoy the fruit of the orange, clean the pallet after the meal.

Placemats With Cloth Napkins
Design your own place mats with matching napkins by following these instructions. A little material and bow work and your table setting will be unique and beautiful.

Indian Corn Decoration
Here we use colored ruffled paper to make an indian corn decoration. Replace the paper with sweets and create your own hanging decorative item for the kid's.

Thanksgiving Placesetter
Use some corks, a card and some feathers to make these simple place-setters. Have your child make the cards and bend the pipe cleaner.

Thanksgiving Terra Cotta Pot
Using a small terra cotta pot we show you how to make a fun candy dispenser. This Thanksgiving turkey design can be used as table decor', especially on the kid's end of the table.

Thanksgiving Turkey Card
Have your child make these cute cards for their friends, or as table decoration for the family. Simple design and very inexpensive fun for you.

Thanksgiving Turkey Fan
Some foamie material and a little card work, you can make these adorable little turkey fans. Decorative and useful when feeling a little warm at the table.

Thanksgiving Turkey Pin
Make this friendly furry turkey pin, a few colored pipe cleaners and some creativity is all that is required.