Family Summer Crafts

Summer time at home or on the beach can be a lot of fun following these simple craft projects. Get the kid's creative juices flowing, enjoy time together without having to spend a lot of money.

Baseball Scrapbook Page
Create beautiful scrapbooking pages of summer adventures with scrapbook embellishments and Morex Bobbin Ribbon.

Summer Memories Bug-Holder
Children love to go outside and catch and explore insects. Create a beautiful home accent piece to exhibit their summer bug catching experiences.

Summer Memories Keepsake Box
Make an inspirational keepsake box to fill with summer memories photos and memorabilia. Create the keepsake box by decoupaging encouraging word cutouts from a thesaurus or dictionary.

Summer Memory Board
Design a summer memories message board to fill with photos of summer fun!

Summer Memories Wooden Wall Hanging
Transform a plain tray into a beautiful wall hanging to showcase your summer memories photos.

Pipe Cleaner Zoo
Give your child some color pipe cleaners, and help them make their own zoo. They will play for hours and create their own animals along the way.

Recycling Bin Building Cards
Turn cereal boxes and magazines into unique building cards. Simple project that is great for summer car trips, or that camping vacation.

Sand Candle Castles
Use one of the oldest forms of casting to create these sand candles for your castle. Perfect addition to time on the beach and long summer nights.

Summer Bee & Butterfly
A few pipe cleaners and some color foil, and you can show your kid's how to make bees and butterflies. They can create their own decorations for their bedroom following this simple design.

Summer Bucket
Take a simple inexpensive plastic bucket and decorate with your child. Use their creativity to add paint or marker images, maybe even a few glitter dots.

Summer Card
Summer and ice cream, makes a great theme for this cute card. Add a handmade eraser or some candy,a perfect little gift for your child's friends.

Summer Coaster
Make these cute little summer drink coasters, delight your family and friends. Makes a great gift for the hostess or your mom, bringing color to any setting.

Summer Felt Cuffs
Kid's love to make bracelets and pins, so how about these unique summer cuffs. A little felt and some decorative finish, they can make their own fashion statement.

Summer Flip Flops
Make any plain pair of flip flops into these cute feet fashions. A little color ribbon for a bow and some marker paint, you can be the envy of your friends.

Watermelon Sit Upon
Ever sit on the grass or sand and would like to have a small seat. Now you can make this simple sit upon for your comfort, inexpensive and yet cute too.

Watermelon Sun Visor
Make this sun visor to match your sit upon, use a cheap plastic visor and some creativity. Your friends will want one, maybe make an extra one as a gift.