Sponsor A Craft, A Subject Or An Event

Through the craft content we provide to our viewers, we entertain and engage across all demographics and certainly all family age groups. Through donations provided by sponsors and our founder, Sandy Sandler, we continue to develop and deliver new craft videos and projects each month. Additionally, Sandy is a frequent quest on many TV news stations across the country, during which shows she highlights craft projects and the materials used.

Since inception, the C4K555 site has delivered over 21,000 video views, 70,000 PDF downloads and 2.6 Million craft page views. Our goal for this year is to increase our delivery of video crafts to over 200,000 videos, craft eBooks to more than 1,000,000 PDF files and triple the number of page views.

Each impression has the opportunity to include a message, a special offer or an invitation to see or participate in an activity on your site. This viewer reach can be applied to your project or product promotion, below you will see some of the options available for getting involved.

Craft Page Header Media

At the lead in to each craft category page, we have a craft header image that can include any message or picture. This header is viewed every time a visitor browses through that category, providing extensive and repetitive views positioned at the top of the page.

Craft eBook Embedded Media

Every craft project is made available to our visitors as a downloadable PDF. Within the first page and on each subsequent page of the PDF, an image or message can be embedded along with an active link to a third party site. This is a great way to have a message remain with the viewer, and be seen by everyone within their social network.

Feature Craft Sponsorship

Frequently we add featured projects for holidays, special events or to introduce new crafts. Sponsors can provide your projects for this category, which we will include in its own page with PDF downloadable eBooks for our viewers. A great way to introduce your web site, a new product or a special promotion.

Guest Crafter Program

Sponsor provides one or more projects that we embed within our eBook format. project in the C4K555 full project and printer friendly format (PDF), and we will put the product in the category where it fits indefinitely but lowering in ranking as new products are listed.

TV Spot Craft Item Promotion

Sandy Sandler appears on TV frequently to present craft ideas, appearing on local news networks across the country. This provides an opportunity to include messaging with a featured craft, gaining views during the live show and after through the video linked through the social networking sites.