Crafter's 4 Kids (C4K) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting arts and crafts to at-risk, underprivileged children. C4K was created with a simple mission in mind, “Saving the Planet, One Family at a Time”. Sandy Sandler, the Founder of C4K and Bowdabra, has strived for over 14 years to make this a reality.

We do this by helping community non-profit organizations obtain the arts and craft supplies needed to conduct crafting workshops for children of all ages, while helping families, even those with parents who believe they are "creatively challenged," find craft projects that they may complete simply with their children! C4K also is developing a web site where parents can download project ideas for arts and craft nights with their children. The goal of these projects is to create simple and inexpensive projects. Most of which cost under $5 and take less than 5 minutes to make, thus enabling parents to easily find the time and finances to create projects with their children.

C4K is passionate about getting children crafting for many reasons, best stated by this quote from the Craft Hobby Association. “Crafting has proven health benefits, both emotional and physical. Whether providing a sense of accomplishment, relaxation, or memory keeping*, crafting has therapeutic benefits that are appealing to people of all ages, looking for a creative outlet,” said Dr. Rallie McAllister.

C4K operates strictly through the use of volunteers. We have no paid administrative staff. Up until now, all administrative costs for C4K, have been paid by HPA Enterprises (Sandy Sandler's company) or otherwise donated in the form of services (i.e. Web site design, legal, etc.). All of our staff are volunteers, who systematically locate and qualify participating non-profits,, and channel donated materials from manufacturers and Retailers, when they become available. All non-profits on the C4K list of charities are 501(c)3’s such as schools, boys and girls clubs, children's hospitals, women’s shelters etc.

As economic times become tighter, and parents working two or more jobs, the role of parenting has been left to computers, television, electronic games and iPods. C4K’s ultimate goal is to help families return to a “Family Unit” based on the idea of “getting back to the basics”, while focusing on “family time”. C4K’s vision is to make family crafting a project that will not only work at home, but also become a permanent fixture at the elementary levels of every school in the country. With budget cuts eliminating classes like arts and crafts, home economics, and shop, C4K has developed and is implementing a program that will sponsor and make these programs possible once again.

Byline: Sandy Sandler is a corporate gift expert and creator of the Bowdabra® bow-making tool. Her products are designed to help the "creatively-challenged" create beautiful crafts, accessories, and home décor. For craft ideas, visit www.Bowdabra.com.

Broadcast: Sandy Sandler is a corporate gift expert and creator of the QVC best-seller, the Bowdabra®, a crafting tool that helps people make professional, hand-tied bows. Her products and supplies are designed to transform the creatively-challenged into creative pros.