For Your Family Pet

Crafting is a fantastic way to make inexpensive little gifts and toys for your family pet. These projects use simple materials, the whole family can join in to create a little pet joy.

Braided Fleece Dog Toy
Simple design for a braided dog toy. Your dog will have endless fun with this toy, use your creativity to make several for gifts too.

Cat Fishing Toy
Take some pipe cleaners and a wooden dowel, and you can make this toy cat fishing bowl. Hours of fun for your cat and your kid's.

Cat Treat
Want to give your cat some little treats, use this craft project to make them a gift worth giving. A small bag and some fancy tie material for a quick gift.

Dog Bowl With Treats
Give your dog some bones or other treats using this craft idea for wrapping. A small plastic bowl and some ribbon, make a bow to finish and you have a nice dog gift.

Dog Bone Ornament
Gather your dog bones into a pile, tie with hemp rope and add a little color ribbon. Create this hanging dog bone ornament, your family friend will love you for it.

Decorative Dog Collar
Make this decorative dog collar so your pet can join in the festivities. Not a permanent collar,but a great way to show your pet some love.

Fleece Dog Toy
Great for smaller dogs, this dog toy is made of strips of fleece. They will love playing with this toy, biting and throwing it harmlessly around.

Pet Bow
Make this pet bow for your dog or cat, simple design adds style to any breed. Use colorful material and add your own flare to embellish.

Pet Bow With Fleece Bandanna
Add a fleece bandanna to the pet bow, and you have a warm stylish design. Change the colors and the ribbon to create a designer look.

Pet Food Mat
Spice up your pet feeding area with this simple mat. Place your pets food bowl on top, when they are finished eating cleaning is a breeze.

Pet Frame Dog Leash
Make this cute dog leash holder from an old frame and some pet pictures. Craft uses inexpensive materials, add your own bling.

Pet Sock Toy
Gather some old socks and create this pet sock toy. Your family friend will love playing with this toy, hours of fun and very little cost.