St.Patricks Day Projects

Got a little leprechaun in you, or maybe a lot of green. Celebrate St.Patricks Day with these crafts to help decorate for your home party, kid's will love to make the leprechaun treasure and hat for themselves.

Irish Kisses
Everybody loves chocolate and these kisses in a little gift bag make a great St.Patricks day giveaway. Just try and stop the kid's from eating them all up.

Finding Leprechaun Treasure
Chasing rainbows is one way of finding treasure, or how about making your own with this leprechaun treasure box. Create with a cute bow and use as a decorative table piece, or hide for your child to find.

Leprechaun Treat Hat
A creative way to offer treats to your guests, make this leprechaun treat hat as a St.Patricks day holder. Sweet and fun to make.

Leprechaun Magic Wand
Your child can become a leprechaun with this magic wand, simple and inexpensive design. They will be granting wishes and having fun all day.

St.Patricks Day Pin
Wear a little green on St.Patricks day without putting on odd socks, make this little bow pin and wear on your lapel.