New Years Ideas

New Years Eve is a time of reflection and celebration of new things to come. Dressing up, parties and making a lot of noise is all part of the fun, these craft ideas will help you add a little personal flare to the celebration.

CD Wreath
Grab those shiny unused CD discs out of the draw, use them to make this simple wreath. A little ribbon and some bling, and you have a festive decorative item.

New Years Centerpiece
Here is a unique centerpiece made out of decorated soda cans. Stacked or in a straight line they add a little glitter to any table, or even a window sill.

New Years Confetti Holder
Simple design for a confetti holder you can make for all your family and friends. Add your own creative design, perfect for that midnight moment.

New Years Hat
Make your own New Years Top Hat, celebrate under your own design. Make them for your friends too, inexpensive and yet cool.

New Years Lanterns
Decorate using these lanterns made of card and scrap ribbon materials. Vary the color and make lantern chains or window hangings, simple to make and a lot of fun for the kid's.

New Years Noise Maker
Blow your own horn with these delightful noise makers, a New Years party favor which you can make for all your guests.

New Years Centerpiece
Silver sprigs and a little bow magic and you can create this lovely centerpiece. Vary the color scheme and use for any occasion.

New Years Noise Maker No 2
A variation of a noise maker for New Years, use the color scheme for your favorite team and use it at sports events too. Makes a great little gift for your club.