Mothers Day Crafts

Mother is always there when you are sick, worried about school or need some love. Show her how grateful you are by using these crafts to make her a gift, she will cherish them and will remind her of your love and appreciation.

Scrap Ribbon Cuff
Use recycled ribbon to design a gorgeous cuff for Mom! Children will love choosing and creating their own patten using recycled ribbon strands. Mom will love wearing this unique and trendy cuff!

Garden Stake
Kids love to get involved in the planting of a garden but it is also important to label the seedlings. Children can create colorful garden stakes with simple materials like Popsicle sticks, tongue depressors, and chopsticks.

Painted Watering Can
Personalize a watering can for Mom this Mother's Day. Use simple patterns like lines, circles, and swirls for a gorgeous keepsake for Mom.

Ribbon Artwork
Recycle garden fencing into a beautiful piece of artwork! Hang on a wall or in a window. Children will have a wonderful time weaving a unique tapestry of ribbon to create stunning art.

Garden Gift
Create a fun and easy garden gift for Mom for Mother's Day. Paint a terra cotta pot and fill it with seed packets for mom.

Garden Kneeler
Children can make this simple garden kneeler with newspaper and duct tape. The homemade garden kneeler has the perfect cushion for a gardener's knees.

Basil Infused Vinegar
This cute decorative item can be made from an old bottle and readily available kitchen items. Makes a wonderful table or window decoration.

Beaded Flower Necklace
A simple necklace using beads, finished with your mother's or your initials. Make a few to hand out as presents to your friends for their mother's, or just as thank you gifts.

Boutique Lollipop Flowers
Make your own boutique flower decorations following this simple craft idea. Use your own creativity to embellish or create different arrangements.

Cinnamon Stick Beads
Decorative item using cinnamon sticks, some beaded pipe cleaners and a little bow to finish. Simple and attractive way to spruce up the kitchen.

Floral Pens In Vase
Gather some pens, faux flowers and a small glass vase to create this attractive pen holder. Add a small bow and arrange the colors to suite any decor.

Grapevine Wreath
Wreaths are a great way to decorate a door or window, this one uses a grapevine core and a beautiful bow flower arrangement to finish.

Magnetic Picture Frames
Get copies of family photos and use them to decorate this magnetic picture frame. Make multiple holders to decorate a wall, change the color theme to build a hanging photo album.