Home Decoration Ideas

Home decor' does not have to be expensive, using readily available household items and maybe even some recycled products. With a little creativity you can make amazing centerpieces, wreaths and window pieces.

Embellished Star
This star is perfect for a window hanging, or even on your tree. Simple card and bow design creates an elegant looking star.

Fall Wreath
Make this simple wreath to hang on your door, using bows and flower garnishment. Uses a foam core and colorful ribbons to add flare.

Fall Decoration
Recycle a cardboard tube to make a hanging fall decoration. Inexpensive use of materials to bring color to the home.

Fall Apples
Use real of faux apples as the core for this decorative item. Colorful ribbon for a small bow goes a long way, enticing the kid's to eat their fruit.

Fall Candy Box
A candy box for your sweets or treasures, and makes a great wrapping for a small gift too. Use to decorate a shelf or side table, great for any season.

Fall Centerpiece
This is a simple way to create a colorful centerpiece, great for any season or even for event decoration. Table design for a few pennies.

Fall Pinecone Sun Catcher
Create a hanging sun catcher with a pinecone, some sheer ribbon and a little creativity. Watch the sun sparkle off the ribbon as it turns.

Fall Vase Dowels
Some beads, ribbon and a glass vase, add some flowers and you have this attractive decorative item. Have your kid's help with the beads.

Grapevine Wreath
This design uses a bow to decorate a grapevine wreath. Use your creativity to add garnishment or more bows to create an attractive door or window piece.

Hummingbird Feeder
Hummingbirds are a delightful visitor to any garden, and this feeder will provide them with a reliable place to provide a treat. See them come back many times to feed.

Nature Walk Centerpiece
A few sticks, a canning jar and some ribbon is all it takes to make this centerpiece. Have your kid's join in on a walk to gather the twigs.

Nature Walk Serving Tray
Take scenic pictures on a walk through your park, add to a wooden tray and embellish with some fancy bows. This tray will spice up any food serving, great for any occasion or just for decor'.

Paper Pinecone
How about making your own pinecone with this simple craft. Decorate with a little glitter on a pipe cleaner, and you have wonderful hanging decorations.

Terra Cotta Birdbath
Simple inexpensive crafting with this terra cotta birdbath, adding flare to any yard or patio. Great for bird lovers, also makes a nice gift.

Wineglass Tags
Get your guests involved in the festivities, add these cute tags to mark their place at the table. Sheer color ribbon adds sparkle to any glass setting.