Halloween Projects

Halloween provides a lot of ideas for craft projects, witches and spiders, goblins and cauldrons. The kid's love to get involved in preparing for this holiday, and these craft ideas will help them express their creativity and have lots of fun too.

Halloween Spider
Decorate your windows and doors with hanging spooky spiders. Children will have lots of fun making this simple Halloween kids craft.

Halloween Placesetters
Design cute little Halloween Place-Setters to use either for your table settings or to label food at Halloween Party. Great for a kids classroom party!

Halloween Decor
Using unfinished wooden plaques is a wonderful way to add inexpensive Halloween D├ęcor to your home. Create a festive touch by simply using a glue stick and sprinkling glitter onto the smeared glue.

Halloween Pumpkin
Style a pumpkin real or fake with ribbon, bows, and Halloween decorations.Add cardstock lettering to read, "Trick or Treat".

Halloween Lollipop
Make beautiful grosgrain ribbon lollipops and add them to Halloween Floral Decorations or use them as Halloween Party Favors.

Furry Fun Halloween Mask
Make an adorable and glam furry mask, suitable for all ages. Create any type of fur animal, make the mask ultra girlie by adding a hairbow!

Halloween Goblin
Make several of these furry goblins to decorate around the house, pick different colors and change the sizes to create a whole family.

Halloween Mask
Kid's love to dress up at halloween, how about a pumpkin mask to go with that orange cape. Simple design uses a plastic visor and some card.

Halloween Treat
Make this pumpkin firecracker and fill with candy, a great way to give out treats on Halloween night. Embellish with stickers and foam, and add a plastic spider.

Pumpkin Treat Bag
Create this treat bag for your kid's to hold their candy, they will love the pumpkin face and have fun each time they reach for a treat. Makes a great gift too.

Pumpkin With Bows
Paint your pumpkin's and add matching bows to create these wonderful decorative items. Use any theme including your favorite sports team colors.

Spider Hair Clips
Cute little spider clips or pins can be worn in your hair, or on your clothes. Use color combinations to add flare, your friends will want them too.

Spider Web Decoration
Black spiders and hanging spider web decorations help to give your house or room that spooky look. Halloween fun when you invite your friends over to share your treats.

Halloween Bat
They fly in the dark and scare young children. Make this simple bat to decorate the windows for Halloween night.

Halloween Card
Creative cards that your child can give to friends, or use as a note when giving out the candy. Use your own creativity to embellish.

Halloween Mask
Here is another face mask for your child to help with their Halloween outfit. Their friends will want them too, make extras as little gifts.