Guest Featured Crafts

"I am so fortunate to have a team of amazing crafter's, who work with me to develop all of the wonderful crafts we bring to you" - Sandy Sandler, founder of Crafter's For Kids and Bowdabra®.

Sarah Forhan is one of our craft experts, providing many of the craft projects on this site.

Sarah's specialty is crafting; all forms, types, and mediums of crafting! Her craft project ideas and instructions can be found all over the Internet, in print, and in many of Bowdabra's E-Books and craft projects. She also utilizes her passion for crafting to volunteer her time doing crafts with young children in elementary schools and after-school programs.

craft contributor

Bumble Bee Headband
Make this bumble bee headband and wear it with a yellow shirt or costume, fun way to dress up and pretend to be a bee. You can make your own shirt too by adding black stripes, or maybe a little glitter or rhinestones.

Ever needed a place to write simple notes or reminders, here is an attractive little chalkboard design. Make them for the kitchen or bedroom, change the theme and put one in the garage.

Envelope And Card
Cannot find that special card at the store, how about making this matching card and envelope. Great for any occasion, use your own embellishments to create a memorable moment.

Felt Embroidery
Ever wanted to make some nice embroidered decorative items, follow these instructions and it is easy. This felt embroidery makes a nice hanging decoration for any wall.

Fun for the classroom or the bedroom, use these cute magnets to hold your homework notes and school work. Embellish with animals or flowers, even the school team theme to show your support.

Pompom Key Chain
Grab some scrap yarn and make these pompom key chains. Simple design and very inexpensive way to add color to those dull keys.

Puppy Love Frame
A cute frame to showcase a picture of your puppy, add themed printed ribbon and even design bones into the frame. Your dog will always be close to you, and give them a real bone.

Ribbon Belt
Complete that outfit by making this ribbon belt accessory for your wardrobe. Make several with different color schemes to go over that shirt or as a decorative pants belt, your friends will be wanting them too.

Ribbon Notebook
Create a patchwork design for that notebook cover by using this patchwork ribbon craft. Any number of color changes or even widths can make a unique look for that school notebook, or even a photo album.

Pirate Skull
Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of soda, make these colorful pirate skulls for decoration or as a little gift. Use your creativity to design new themes, maybe even boats and treasure chests too.

Wooden Jewelry Tray
Instead of having your jewelry or nick nacks thrown all ove, how about making this wooden jewelry tray. Some color and printed ribbon, or maybe just use a marker and some rhinestones or gliiter dots.