Gift Wrap Ideas

Many people have trouble wrapping gifts, these craft ideas will help even with the most odd shaped gift. From basic paper to fancy bag and box wrapping, your gift will look fantastic and provide a memorable experience.

Kitchen Tools Gift Wrap
Create a gift where the gift wrap can just be as useful as the gift!Kitchen shelf liner comes in a huge array of colors and you can buy large rolls of it for less than $3.00 a roll.

Christmas Gardening Wrap
Create the perfect gift wrapping for the gardener in your life.Use a decorated paper machepot to hold and showcase your holiday gift.

Christmas Buttons
I love buttons and I am always looking for ways to use them.Attaching a strand of buttons across the Christmas package creates a simple and elegant look.

Gift Wrap Like A Pro
Learn how to wrap a gift like a professional.This tutorial will teach you how to wrap gift boxes quickly and easily with little waste of paper.

Apron Gift Wrap
Use a light-weight apron as a decorative wrap for bottles or other odd shaped gifts. A great way to use colorful printed aprons sitting in your kitchen draw.

Gift Wrapping Basics
This guide will help you wrap the perfect boxed gift. A little ribbon, colorful paper wrapping and some tie wire is all that is required.

Holiday Bookmark & Book
A perfect way to give a book, create this wrap and personalized bookmark. This will provide a memorable moment each time they open the book.

Holiday Gift Card & Pin
Make this simple gift card and add a pin, great for the Kid's to make for their friends. Inexpensive and fun way to celebrate any event.

Holiday Serving Tray
Take an old picture frame and redecorate to create this wonderful serving tray. The tray will brighten up any serving or just as a table decoration.

Ice Cream Carton Wrapping
Use those old ice cream tubs and decorate with this craft, super for giving candy or other small objects. Eco friendly and fun to make.

Neck Tie Gift Wrap
We have all got them, unused neck ties hanging in the wardrobe or in the draw. Here we use one to help wrap boxed gift.

Olive Oil Pepper Gift
An old bottle and some olive oil, add a beautiful bow and viola you have this terrific gift. The chef will love it, can also be used a a hostess gift.

Paper Bag Gift Wrap
Here we use an old paper bag, some coffee filters and some greenery to wrap a boxed gift. Unique and fun for the kid's to make, useful for any occasion.

Canvas Bag Gift Wrap
Got an odd shaped gift to wrap, then why not use a colorful canvas bag. Add a bow and a card holder, you have a beautiful wrapping and the bag can be reused.

Cloth Gift Wrap
Another method to wrap that odd shaped gift, use a little cloth and tie with a bow or tie wire. Decorate with a small card and use your creativity to add some flare.