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Hooked On Dad Shirt
Show your dad some love by making this Hooked On Dad shirt. If he is a fisherman add some lures or other trinkets to embellish this as a gift.

Handful For Mom Shirt
Mom is always having to get you to do your homework, clean up your room or help around the house. Appreciate her with this Handful For Mom shirt, she will love the gesture.

Batik Shorts
Being cool does not have to be expensive, make these Batik Shorts and be unique. Use your own design creativity to change the pattern or color scheme.

Veggie Stakes
This one is for those with green fingers who like to plant veggies. These veggie stakes with colorful toppers make a nice presentation.

Thankful Crosses
Make these cute little crosses embellished with family pictures. Uses bottle caps as the frames for each pictures, add your own creative elements to finish.

Pencil Topper
Pencils do not have to be boring any more. Make these pencil toppers for yourself, and a few for your friends as small gifts.

Back To Cool
Send your kid's to school with these simple projects to turn that lunch bag of backpack into cool, colorful fun. Turn a plain bag into the envy of their friends, no matter what is inside.

Cinnamon Ornaments
Get the kid's to join you in the kitchen by making these fun, delicious cinnamon ornaments. Mix the dough and create the shapes, bake and decorate. Easy and smells heavenly.

Cold Weather Friends
What's more perfect than pinecones for adding decoration to wreaths and trees. Turn them into these adorable cold weather friends with a little felt, chenille stems and glue.

Fancy Free Tee
Turn your love of creativity to new heights with this winged designed Tee. A little imagination and you have your own fashion shirt.

Pencil Perfect Valentine
Take some simple pencils and make these nice little valentine gifts. All you need is some letter stickers or a color fine point pen, a little time and you have a gift that will remind every time it is used.

Paper Pumpkins
Decorating can be inexpensive and fun by using some paper, markers and glue. These paper pumpkins use strips of colored paper to create table and window decorations.

Bottle Terrarium
Make a terrarium from a liter bottle and watch your plants grow. Use tumbled pieces of glass, small pebbles or driftwood to decorate around a small plate.

Tic Tac Tote
Blend your love of fun and fashion to create this adorable Tic Tac Tote bag. Use felt heart shapes and make any plain bag bright and cheerful.