Father's Day Crafts

Show your dad some appreciation for the things he does for you, make and give one of these simple gifts on father's day. He will love them, maybe even give you an extra hug.

No 1 Dad Medal
Show Dad how much you love and care for him with an Olympic Size Medal. Create the medal from sparkly foam and add ribbon.

Luggage Handle Cover
Dad will always know which suitcase is his with this homemade luggage handle cover. Children can choose the ribbon combination and create unique one-of-a-kind suitcase handle covers. He will never have to tie yarn or bandannas to make his luggage stand out, again.

Fathers Day Golf Frame
Is Dad a golfer? Create him a one of a kind frame with scrapbooking paper, bobbin ribbon, and golf tees.

Luggage Tag
It is so hard to travel and be away from your family. Make Dad something that will not only be useful but will make him think of home when he grabs his suitcase at the airport. Children will have so much fun sewing two pieces of plastic canvas together with Bowdabra Bow Wire or yarn.

Desk Organizer
Help Dad organize his desk. Recycle 3 different sized metal cans, wrap them with ribbon to make them colorful, and then tie them together for the perfect inexpensive "Eco-friendly" desk organizer.

Father Son T-Shirts
Turn a couple of bright colored plain t-shirts into a matching gift for dad. Simple inexpensive gift to make, dad will wear it with pride.

Father's Day Key Holder
A simple key holder using an old ruler, some ribbon and hooks. Hang it near the door or in the kitchen, dad's keys will always be easy to find.

Father's Day Pen Holder
Turn an old soup can into this attractive pen holder, great way to hold all those loose pens in one place. Make one for his desk at work too.

Father's Day Tie Holder
Here is a simple hanging tie holder for dad, bring a smile to his face every time he grabs a tie to wear. Fun and very inexpensive.

Father's Day Coin Holder
There is always loose change in dad's pocket, make him this coin holder to keep the change in one pace. He might even give you some pocket money when he sees your message.