Family Craft Night

With many families cutting back on entertainment and family events, time with the kid's can still be fun. These craft's take very little time and are inexpensive, a great way to gather round the kitchen table and use some of those creative energies.

Felt Embroidery
Ever wanted to make some nice embroidered decorative items, follow these instructions and it is easy. This felt embroidery makes a nice hanging decoration for any wall.

Fun for the classroom or the bedroom, use these cute magnets to hold your homework notes and school work. Embellish with animals or flowers, even the school team theme to show your support.

Ever needed a place to write simple notes or reminders, here is an attractive little chalkboard design. Make them for the kitchen or bedroom, change the theme and put one in the garage.

Birds In A Nest
Keep the little ones entertained by making this bird in a nest project, the kids can fly the bird back to their own nest.

Cat And Mouse
A craft project for your pet. Your cat will have hours of fun swatting this mouse around, and your kids can join in too.

Children's Mailbox
Create this mailbox for your kid's bedroom door, or even hang it in the kitchen. A great way to deliver notes and messages, add their name to personalize.

Fairy Princess Purple Mask
Your little girl will feel very royal wearing this fairy princess mask. Make them feel magical, great for them to wear at birthday parties too.

Game Board
Make a board and design your own game pieces. Children can design the rules, add instructions inside the circles on the board.

Pretend Play Paper Dolls
Put on a play for your children's friends with these paper dolls. This craft project helps you make the dolls and the stage, and uses readily available household items.

Piggy Bank
Children can display their eco-friendly piggy bank to their friends. Unscrew the nose to place their pennies, nickels and dimes inside.

Rock And Roll Mouse
A pet without the worry of cleaning and feeding. The children can use their imagination to make a home, or even create food out of foam.

Colorful Silly Masks
Make these colorful masks with your kid's, let them become a prince or maybe a ballerina. A great way to help with that birthday party.

The Ugly Duckling
Read your kid's the story of the ugly duckling by Hans Christian Anderson, then make this decorative version of the duck that turns into a swan.