Craft Contributor Alyice Edrich

Alyice Edrich is the founder and editor of the award-winning online magazine, The Dabbling Mum. She is also a mixed media artist, the author of 12 e-books, a contributing writer to a handful of print books, and an aspiring photographer.

Alyice has been crafting in one form or another since she was a child, but didn't take the craft up as a serious profession until 2010 when she realized that she could combine her love of the written word with her love for creating with her hands. She has been a stay-at-home, work-at-home mother in one form or another since the birth of her first child, nearly 20 years ago and feels extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to balance the two. She credits crafting to helping her bond wit her children when they were younger and to saving her sanity as an adult.

Her desire is to help others create crafts that speak to their own hearts and to create crafts that heal and build bonds versus creating crafts simply for the decorative aspect. She can be reached at or
craft contributor

Football Frame
Attractive simple way to create a themed sports frame. Show your teams colors and embellish with an image of their helmet, or maybe a football shirt.

Football Napkin Rings
Game night will never be the same with these team napkin rings to decorate your spread. Your friends will want them, a little creative juice and they can be used for soccer and basketball too.

Football Pin
When you are asked to make something for your child's fundraiser, why not make these simple football pins. Select different colors and make one for any team or sports event.

Tie Dye Shirt
Ever wanted to design your own shirt, now you can by following these instructions for making a tie dye shirt. Fun and inexpensive for you and your kid's.