Christmas Decoration

December is a time to prepare for the Christmas holiday, it is a season of joy and family warmth. Use these craft ideas to help spruce up for the holiday without breaking the budget, your child will love to help with these projects as they wait for that special day.

Ribbon Christmas Tree
Create a beautiful holiday gift. Using ribbon and Styrofoam design a gorgeous ribbon Christmas tree.

Joy To The World
Instead of using stacking boxes create stacking trays for this unique holiday look. Joy to the World, is the perfect quintessential holiday saying and fits perfectly on these tiered stacking trays.

Christmas Jingle Bell
Learn how to make this holiday jingle bell that can be hung on a door, mantle, or entry way.This beautiful Christmas bell can be given as a holiday gift or made for your own home.

Christmas Garland
Garland can easily be wrapped around containers to create a unique and festive holiday present.

Seasons Greeting Holiday Frames
Bowdabrashares an easy tutorial to design inexpensive holiday frames using scrapbooking materials, bobbin ribbons, and embellishments.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Design a fun Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer gift box bow.This unique style bow is easy to make using our BowdabraBow Making Craft Tools.Children and adults will be excited to receive a gift with a Rudolph bow.

Christmas Lollipop
Add holiday lollipop wands to children’s Christmas presents.Instead of a bow, design and make ribbon wands and attach them to a front of a present.

Christmas Gift Basket
Holiday baskets filled with festive small presents are a wonderful gift for Christmas, but the standard wicker baskets can be expensive.

Angel Candlestick
Paint an unfinished candle stick white and use some markers or paint to decorate. Add some pipe cleaners and a sheer bow, makes a terrific table decoration.

Turkey Popcorn Popper
Everyone likes popcorn, here is a cute popper wrapping with a turkey theme. A gift idea or just use as a kitchen decoration, popcorn will never be the same.

Candy Cane Centerpiece
A small vase and some candy canes, add some floral picks and you have a decorative centerpiece for your table. Also use to hold candy canes for your kid's.

Another Candy Cane Centerpiece
This candy cane centerpiece uses a mix of colors to create an attractive decorative item. The candy canes are still there for your kid's to enjoy.

Candy Cane Countdown
Your child will love this countdown calendar to Christmas Day. Each day move the bow to show how many days until Santa arrives, for his cookies of course.

Candy Wrapping
Here is a fantastic way to wrap a tin or hat box, perfect for that larger gift. The red and white design will stand out under the tree.

Christmas Tree Watering Can
Decorate that watering can for the season, use some ribbon and glue dots to add sizzle. This is one the kid's can help with or make on their own.

Duct Tape Gift Bag
Duct tape has another use as a crafting material. Create this colorful bag to give away small gifts or maybe sweets, and make a matching bow for the hair.

Ginger Bread Frame
Cute picture frame to hold that special photo, ginger bread house design made of foam. You can decorate with more foam or maybe some glitter dots.

Holiday Foamie Cuffs
Have your child make these decorative cuffs, embellish with reindeers or other animals. Make some to give away to their friends.

Holiday Gift Box
Small wooden boxes, some buttons and you can make these adorable little boxes. Great for small gifts or to hold objects in the kitchen, or as a place for your bedroom treasures.

Holiday Hand Towel
Decorate your home with these holiday hand towels, give your guest that special treatment. Simple design uses a white cloth towel and some iron on hem tape, tie with a bow to finish.

Holiday Ornament Vase
Use those left over tree ornaments to create this attractive vase, add a bow and this will make any plain vase into a decorative table piece.

Holiday Jelly Jar Place-Setters
Make these place-setters and give a little candy gift at the same time. Decorate any table setting, change the bow to suite for any occasion.

No Sew Holiday Pillow
Holiday fleece and some patterned ribbon are used to make this no sew holiday pillow. Brighten up any chair or bed head with a couple of these, change the color and make one for your daughters bedroom too.

Noel Decoration
Your kid's will love to make this hanging Noel decoration. Foam hand prints and red lettering, maybe add some glitter or other embellishments.

North Pole Decoration
Santa and his reindeer may need some help to get home, make this north pole decorative item to point the way. Put some cookies or sweets nearby for the trip.

Reindeer Ornament
You are so deer to me, a terra cotta pot decorated as a reindeer. Pipe cleaners and a small bell, some pretty ribbon to finish off. Let your child do the marker work.