Beading Craft Designs

Color beads have many uses in making bracelets, head wear, clothing and home decoration. Here we will show you how to used beading ribbon to create decorative items for the home, use your own creativity to take what you learn and make other fun items.


Beaded Angel
Angel decorations make terrific tree or window ornaments. Follow these instructions to make a beaded angel with accent bow, the white and gold colors will add sparkle to your decor.

Beaded Bracelet
Girls love to wear bracelets, now you can show your child how to make their own beaded bracelet. Have them make several for different occasions, and as gifts for their girl friends.

Beaded Ornament
Here we show you how to make a large tree ornament into a unique beaded decoration. We add an accent bow with some color ribbon, simple design and very inexpensive too.

Beaded Snowflake
Make this simple snowflake ornament for your tree or window, change the size and style using your own creativity. You can embellish with glitter or different color ribbon.

Beaded Tree
Instead of just having a tree, how about making this beaded ornament tree as a hanging decoration. Just follow the design instructions and change the bead colors to suit.

Beaded Wreath
Follow these instructions to make this beaded wreath, cute and colorful decoration for any wall or window. Embellish with small bows, or maybe even some stick on angels or reindeer.